New New New New New!

New post on my new blog HERE!



And a huge warm shout out and thank you to everyone who’s read this blog over the years!!!  It’s small, and there was SO many of you!  Truly amazing, you all have helped motivate me to keep at it.  From cycle touring and filming in the Southwest (short film/video should be out in a month) to super cool exciting project I’m just getting in on and can’t say much more about yet :)

Thank you!



Check it out!


Not only am I on a train headed to Albuquerque with a bicycle and three cameras, I also have a brand new web site!  It’s pretty much the same as the old site, only different, and you can find it HERE.

You can find the latest adventure updates HERE on the new blog.

And you can email me at when links aren’t working or you just have some burning question and can’t get to sleep until it’s answered…

I’ve had a truly fabulous time writing this blog, and I’m looking forward to more as the adventures continue…the new site should be able to adapt and grow a little easier as things move forward.  See ya there!

Cheers, Simon


Wild Camping, Scotland, 2012

Coming soon…

The day after Christmas, two people and two bicycles will be heading Southwest.  Ari and I have big plans, and no plans, and we’re excited to share this adventure with you!  I do cameras, Ari does audio stories, we both ride bicycles.  Average nightly lows will be dropping towards 15 degrees Fahrenheit and we’re wondering about sleeping bags.

This should be good…


Note: Keep an eye out here for updates.


Boat Things


The wind had died on us.  We were creeping along in my little sailboat going so slowly that is was more of a floating nap than it was sailing.  And the sun was just so…peeping through a grommet in the sail and blinding me in the eye and random intervals…the boat tipped back and forth gently, the water lapped against the sides…and IT WAS AWESOME!

That was last summer…and I’ve been going increasingly nuts all winter as I wait to get back on the water.  I’ve gone to the library and check out as many boat books as I can carry… Continue reading