7 Reasons to hike in the rain.


Scotland Rain

People often say they don’t want to go hiking because it’s raining, or it might rain.  Here’s why I go any way…

  • It’s liberating, you stop caring if you get wet.
  • It’s fun to stay warm and dry in a raincoat while it pours buckets around you.
  • You often get closer to wildlife, they don’t hear or smell you as easily, and other people haven’t scared them away already.
  • It’s more peaceful, harder to hear cars or planes, and you tend not to see other hikers.
  • It’s fun to find trees or overhanging rocks that create shelter where you can eat a sandwich or change layers.
  • Colors often look more vibrant when it’s raining, the greens of moss and leaves will look especially beautiful.
  • You can tell all your friends that you went hiking any way, and every one will think you’re a bad ass!

Often times it doesn’t even end up raining that much, you might get blue skies!  But if it does open on your head…here’s a few tips…

Rain jacket gear is a must!  Umbrellas are great too if it’s not that windy. I think rain pants are where it’s at too, and if you spend a lot of time in rainy places I highly recommend them.

Wear synthetic cloths (or wool).  Cotton and down jackets will make you very very cold and unhappy if they get wet.  Synthetic fleece or a wool sweater will you warm and a bit less unhappy if they get wet.  Don’t forget good thick wool socks!

If you’re dealing with long hikes and extreme rain, gaiters and gore-tex shoes are a game changer.  Otherwise wet feet or rubber boots are fine options.

Time to have some fun in the rain!


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