In The Beginning…

A Reality Check In Adventure Planning


In my experience, the planning is always chaotic.  There’s nothing elegant about my adventure planning.  The things I should plan get missed while random useless bits get all the attention…or at least that’s how it seems in hindsight.

I think the most important preparation is mental, just thinking about an adventure, and slowly coming to the realization that, yes, you’re actually going to do it.  Go you!

Any way, for anyone who’s curious what real live adventure planning looks like, I figured I’d map out my planning process for my upcoming Scotland trip in the summer of 2016.  I’ve only just decided I’m going…and haven’t reached the PLANE TICKET level of commitment yet, but it’s happening.

To kick things off here’s my “to do” list…granted this is the first time I’ve actually written it down…

  • Figure out when I’m going.  Three months?  Four months?   I need to figure out the dates for things in the U.S. that I don’t want to miss…and then plan my Scotland trip so I miss the fewest number of other awesome events…of curse in reality I’ll miss a lot of things and I wont actually care.
  • Figure out who’s going with me…if anyone.  Keep reminding cool people that they can come with me, avoid accidentally inviting uncool people.
  • Assess gear needs.  I know I have all the essentials…so this really just means I’ll spend a lot of time looking up cool stuff online and deciding I don’t need it…all the while validating my use of time because “I need to prep for this trip!”.
  • Oh yeah…got to buy plane tickets…hmm…I’ll probably put this off until I know when I’m going and who I’m going with.  In reality I’ll put it off until I’m so stressed about the prices going up that I finally go online and look at flights.
  • Remember to review this list in a few days and add all the other things I’ve remembered by then :)

With all this in mind I’m now going to feel fulfilled for having written this blog post…and go on to watch some Agents of Shield for the rest of the evening.  That’s pretty much how planning an adventure goes :)

With any luck I’ll keep posting here and let folks now how it goes, and if you have any questions feel free to comment or send me a message.

3 thoughts on “In The Beginning…

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