Adventures Are Hard…


Hard, but worth it.

I think in all the positivity and encouragement we some times forget how hard our adventures often are.  In my experience, the longer I’m out on an adventure the crazier the ups and downs become…in a day I’ll go from hooting and hollering and uncontrollable laughter to utter frustration, tears, and total despair. Continue reading

Adventure Planning Part 3

The Big Picture, Scotland 2016cropped-1_009311-e1456349771731

I don’t really plan adventures as a whole, I get bits and pieces and eventually things start to come together more or less on their own.

That said, I’m going to do my best to give an over view of the trip I’m planning right now. Continue reading

Tricks for Hiking Off Trails

Marble Mtn

Trails are great, I highly recommend them, and yet I usually choose not to follow them.  I love the magic and freedom of choosing my own path and wandering where ever I please.  Even if you do intend to follow the trail though shit happens, we know this, so it’s worth getting comfortable off trails even if you’re just trying to find your way back. Continue reading