Do what excites you!!!


Have an adventure!!!

When I tell people about my adventures their faces light up, they say how awesome it sounds, how they wish they could do something like that, and then follow it up with a depressing list of why they can’t have fun and be happy…

At least that’s how it sounds from my end.  It’s honestly kinda sad, watching people get all stoked and then convince them selves to continue doing something they are so much less stoked about.

If something makes your face light up…

If something makes you smile so big you can’t stop…

If something seems like it would be “the time of your life”…

Then why not do it?  Seriously!  Why don’t you want to be stoked and happy all the time?

People often give excuses like school, jobs, family, or they say it would be too hard, too dangerous, or take too long…but can you really look yourself in the mirror and say those aren’t excuses?  Is it really all that, or is it just scary to do something different?  Something mysterious?  Something exciting?

You DO NOT need much or any money to have an adventure.  You can probably take a break from school, or a break from your job, or bring your kids/work/school with you…or even just pack your adventures in between “normal” life microadventure style.

Sure, things might not go as expected, but that’s the point of adventures isn’t it?  And hey, you’ve done normal, so why not mix it up?  What if it’s fun?  What if it’s awesome?  What if you spend the rest of your life telling your friends and your kids and your grand kids about that awesome thing you did?  What if it’s so great you decide to go on another adventure some day?

Now…don’t think too hard…just stop what you’re doing and try something awesome, right now, go for it…it’s worth it :)

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