Airport Survival Tips


Winter Airplane

People hate flying, hate sitting in cramped planes breathing recycled air and hate kicking around bored out of their minds in dull airports…and I get that…but I’ve found some tricks that have turned my flying experiences from an endless hell into, at the worst, a boring day…here’s what I do…

A: I bring food, good food, carrots, sandwiches, lasagna in Tupperware, pizza in tin foil, and best of all plastic bags filled with homemade calzones.  Calzones are like the secret weapon of homemade travel food…you can put pretty much anything inside them, they are durable, they don’t go bad too fast, and taste amazing…besides they are super easy to make!

B: Good old fashioned books.  Electronics need their batteries charged and it can be hit or miss on the road, besides I really don’t like reading on a screen, but a good engaging book can keep me immersed for hours.  Travel/adventure books are usually a good bet.  I’m currently reading Bruar’s Rest by Jess Smith, obscure but fantastic!  Alastair Humphreys has some wonderful books about cycling round the world and I just blew through those, and Leon McCarron’s book about cycling across the US was a great read too.

C: Hydrate!  Yes you will have to go pee, yes you might have to go on the plane, yes your body will feel so much better if it’s well hydrated!  I bring an empty water bottle to the airport and refill in once I’m through security.  Some times I also bring packets of drink mix powder which can mask the taste of weird airport water.

D: A camera.  I find this to be endlessly entertaining, maybe just because I like photography, but when things get super boring it’s great to be able to take some terrible pictures and try and find something interesting in the world around me.

E: Never be in a rush.  Being in a rush will just stress you out.  You don’t want to be freaking out about all the things you’ll be late for if your plane is late…let everyone else do the freaking out while you kick back and read your book :)

F: If you have time during connections, kick back in the airport and have something to do.  Yoga, your ukulele, a yoyo, a writing project…something.  Don’t count on food or entertainment being available in the airport…it might not be, or more likely it will just be stupidly expensive.

And, with that, it’s time for my next flight, cheers!

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