Adventure Planning Part 3

The Big Picture, Scotland 2016cropped-1_009311-e1456349771731

I don’t really plan adventures as a whole, I get bits and pieces and eventually things start to come together more or less on their own.

That said, I’m going to do my best to give an over view of the trip I’m planning right now.  Fore some background feel free to check out my first two adventure planning posts here and here.

My plan, generally speaking, is to spend three or four months backpacking in Scotland this summer.  I’m going to be living out of my tent, walking, and generally going where ever the spirit takes me.

Additionally, I’ll be bringing my camera, shooting video and taking pictures, and keeping a journal.  I’d like to come back with enough decent video to make some kind of short film, as well as notes for a possible book.  For me it’s all about learning to document my adventure, and whether it ever becomes a book or a film or whatever is less important.

I’m going to Scotland because I simply love it there, my first visit was in 2008 for a week or two, and then I returned in the fall of 2012 for three months of backpacking with two friends.  Now I’m returning again, more or less on my own, and for a bit longer.

In 2012 we where backpacking, living out of a tent and walking a lot, but we also did some couchsurfing, stayed in some hostels, and stayed with friends here and there.  It was epic, amazing, all out.  This time I’m hoping to spend even more time in the wild, and to help with this I’m going in the summer!

Last time it was cold, and rainy, and the days got super short by late November.  This time, around July and August, I’m still expecting a fair amount of rain but freezing temps and short days shouldn’t be an issue.

So…this is the big picture as much as it is.  Last time we walked out of Glasgow and slept in our tent the very first night.  I’d like to do that again, and from there I’ll see where my feet take me.

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