Adventures Are Hard…


Hard, but worth it.

I think in all the positivity and encouragement we some times forget how hard our adventures often are.  In my experience, the longer I’m out on an adventure the crazier the ups and downs become…in a day I’ll go from hooting and hollering and uncontrollable laughter to utter frustration, tears, and total despair.

And, somehow, I keep coming back.

It’s worth it too me, the fun, the freedom, the excitement.  I love feeling so alive and so engaged and connected with the living world around be.  But I wouldn’t want someone to go into this thinking it’s going to be fun the whole time.  It’s not.

The only advice I can give here, and it may or may not be worth anything to you, is to remember why the hell you want to to this stuff in the first place.  And then maybe think real hard about how you’re doing it and see if it matches up with the “why”.

This is personal, no one else can make these decisions for you.  You got to figure this one out on your own.

Doing hard things is, to some extent, worthwhile.  In part because the hard the more hard stuff you do the easier the hard stuff becomes.  And eventually…you can get more of the fun and be less bothered by the hard bits.

I was hiking the other day, and I knew I wanted to push my self.  It was higher elevation then I’m used to, my shoes where not right for the snow, I didn’t have too much water.  In addition to a goo challenge I wanted to get some pictures at the top…and so, despite my toes freezing, my hands freezing, slipping on ice and falling in the snow, the bottoms of my pants getting wet and then freezing solid…despite being tired, and thirsty, and the altitude which was sucking my morale along with my breath…despite all that it was still fun.  I wanted a challenge, a view, and some new experience and I got it, go me!

Hard.  Hard, but worth it…


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