Scotland Planning, Episode 4



I’ll be in Scotland a month from now (you can read more about my plans here, and here, and here), flights are bought, plans are made (sort of), and now it’s time to start test everything out…mostly because playing with gear is more fun then other stuff like laundry or cleaning my room.

Any way I’m in my tent right now, heroically pitched in the back yard so as to be withing wifi range.  I’ve successfully got my tiny laptop going after much frustration and warranty adventures (it now makes sound, yay!) and I’ve managed to take the photo above and get it off my camera and into this blog post…all from inside my tent…things are moving along.

It’s also pretty cramped in here…

The inside of my tent is almost exactly the same size as my sleeping mat, I’ve used this tent for years and love it and baby it and it’s still surprisingly small.  My elbows are touching the tent walls as I writ.

This laptop is also a mixed blessing…for anyone who geeks out about these things (I do occasionally) it’s technically a hybrid laptop/tablet.  I like it because it’s tiny, uses a full version of windows 10 (32 bit), and charges from a USB port.  The down side is it’s kind of a piece of crap…flimsy, slow, bad glare, detachable keyboard because who knows why, and only one real USB port (infinitely better then none, infinitely worse then two).  Though it does have an additional micro USB port that it uses for charging and a micro-to-regular USB dongle seems to be working great.

If you’re into a windows laptop that charges from a USB port this is where it’s at…mostly because it’s the only one I could find.

Still…it’s working.  And with any luck it will become the digital heart of my little media experiment here.  The plan is something like this…

(epically failed to draw diagram, so going back to words now)

1: Go on awesome adventure.

2: Take awesome pictures.

3: Move pictures from SD cards to external hard drive by way of little computer.

4: Write about said adventure from the (dis)comfort of your own tiny tent.

5: Add photos to writing.

6: Find wifi and post to blog.

On a sunny day in my back yard this seems simple enough, hopefully you’ll all get to see the real world results as things unfold…cue adventure gods laughing at me.

Of course then there’s the battery issue…my solution is a small solar charger.  It’s rugged, can attach to the outside of my pack, and can charge both this laptop and my DSLR.  Of course in can in the sense that’s it’s possible, but the reality is that it honestly takes a long time to turn sun juice in to battery juice, so how much laptop/camera time I’ll actually getting remains to be seen.

Did I mention I’m going to Scotland?  With a solar panel?  Now everyone’s laughing…but I think it’s worth it.  In the wilderness a little bit of electricity can go a long way, much further then no electricity, so again it’s an experiment and we’ll see how it goes.

Oh yeah…and after that is my camping gear.  Just my sleeping bag and tent really.  And my cooking gear, like my stove and pot…and fuel…and then my rain gear…maybe some cloths…oh and food’s important…

Fortunately this isn’t my first backpacking trip so saving all that stuff until the last minute should be totally fine.

Yup, this is going to be good!




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