Some days, I just can’t stand it any more.  I make all the screens go away and then I escape into the daylight, leaving my phone behind…

The opposition in my life can be kind of funny actually.  Stuck hiking in the rain and cold with a heavy backpack only to find my self bleary eyed in front of a screen a few days later, trying to understand video codecs with the dim awareness that some place near by the sun is shinning and the grass is growing.

Sooner or later I’ll have to get back to the codecs, but until then I’ll be soaking in the nature, the “real world”, and watching the leaves bud out and the grass grow.  The smell of rotting wood and the cawing of crows and the deep blue ocean away through the trees.

Yay!  Indoors is for suckers, hehe…

2 thoughts on “Escape!

  1. It is always great spending our time outdoors, becoming lost in the forest and witnessing every interesting thing behind the beautiful scenery of our mother nature. More backpacking adventure to you mate.


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