Add menu to child?

In the off chance my blog gave you the impression that I know what I’m doing…you’ve been rather misled.  At least as far as blogging goes.  Double alpine butterfly knots yes…but all this messing about with posts and pages and links is frankly a bit beyond me.

This led to an odd moment this afternoon where I found myself contemplating a option labeled “add menu to child”.  I couldn’t help imagining kids walking around with restaurant menus tapped to them…or something.  I still have no idea what it means so I suppose sooner or later I’ll just have to click on it and find out.

In the mean time…as I mess with things and try and make it all a tad more logical…I’d love any feedback!  I know I’ve botched “categories” fairly well and will try and sort all that out…but I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Especially if you some how got all the way to the bottom of this rather boring post which doesn’t even have a picture…

What would make this blog easier to read?

Or simply more interesting?

What is a menu on a child?


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