The Next Challenge Expedition Grant

Anyone Can Apply!

Marble Mtn

Tim Moss has created The Next Challenge Expedition Grant and you should totally check it out!  Seriously, why not?

As he says “anyone can apply” and frankly it’s a pretty bad ass grant.  There’s some money available to help you go on an adventure, and there’s also some gear and some priceless advice from the adventure travel pro’s.

And, if you don’t need the money for your adventures, maybe consider tossing a few bucks towards this grant?  Tim Moss is donating all the money that his site has made from advertising, various other adventurers are kicking in as well, and people like you are chipping in as well.

Stepping back a minute, I love seeing how seasoned adventurers are finding ways to support other peoples adventures as well.  Like Tom Allen with the Janapar Grant which I wrote about over here.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to start one of these?

4 thoughts on “The Next Challenge Expedition Grant

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