I’m not just going on a trip, it’s a life.


For the next four months I expect to be living in the wilderness.  It’s not an out and back kinda thing, you don’t pack a sandwich and expect to be home for dinner.

This is an expedition, full throttle adventure as a life style…and that means I have to sustain it too.  I’ll be doing my laundry, just in a stream rather then a machine.   Some days I’ll be grocery shopping and checking emails and making a cup of tea in the morning…but I’ll also be tucking everything into my backpack and walking for hours before making my bed again, in my tent, in a place I’ve probably never been.

When I get sick, I’m outdoors living in a tent.  When I get tired, I still have to set up my house before I can sleep in it.  When I run out of food, it might be miles or days before I can get more.

It becomes normal though, it becomes routine, it’s not something you rush through…it’s just life.  Most people might be living in a house this summer, and I’ll be living in the mountains.

All this is why I might be packing dirty socks…it’s not ideal, but I can just wash them when I get there!

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