Adventure Grant Update

img_2210-e14565157525501Tim Moss just sent out this…

“I need 24 more £3 donations by tomorrow night!

74 people have given £3 towards my expedition grant (a big thanks if that includes you!)!

I want to get 100 though. Would you like to donate £3 towards someone’s adventure? Click here to donate ➜

The grant offers small amounts of money to people planning an expedition or adventure. In particular, it’s aimed at people who haven’t done this sort of thing before. If you’ve got an idea (or a friend who might) then please do apply. The application form only takes about 60 seconds.

The deadline for donations and applications is tomorrow. 270 people have applied so far.”

And I want to add a quick thought of my own…

What if you wanted to go on an adventure?  How cool would it be to have someone like Tim Moss help you out?  Now how totally epically awesome would it be if 100 total strangers each came up to you and gave you just a few dollars, or pounds, or whatever you use for money?  That would freakin rock my world!  Way cooler then someone just handing me a big chunk of change, because this way, it’s a hundred people supporting you.  How rad is that?

I’m chipping in, it’s only £3, why not?

Seriously though, click here to donate!

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