Bike Test #1



My lungs are pumping, my heart’s racing, by brain is fizzing…I’d decided to mess around with my bike, and now I’m having some second thoughts.

I wanted to get a feel for riding with panniers, and also see how that would work on some scrappier trails. On top of this I figured some decent pictures were in order, so I stuffed the panniers with shirts and a sleeping bag in order to make them look right. Granted, they weighed nothing compared to what they would on tour, but I figured start small right?

I thought, for the sake of the experiment, I might as well go for a ride on a very short kinda steep trail near my house…its definitely more of a hiking trail but it’s really short and goes to a nice cabin. But even with minimal weight hauling up hill was a beast! It was probably only like 5 minutes (seriously…I’m not kidding about it being short) but I was huffing and puffing, in granny gear, standing on the peddles, and the bike was barely moving, and then…finally…slowly…miraculously…I was at the top.

Now, I wouldn’t even have noticed the hill walking, and it would be nothing backpacking, but…yeah…ugh…

I finally reached the cabin and collapsed into a chair. My head spun…I felt happy but mostly happy to know that it was over. My pulse clocked in at 110. After my various wilderness medical trainings it’s just something I notice.

IMG_4458[1].JPGDown goes my whole bottle of water…most of a chocolate bar…I’m feeling a bit more clear headed now. Going back down should be a bit easier…

While bike touring, I really shouldn’t have to ride a steep single-lane uphill trail through dense forest…but I can’t help imagining…with a truly loaded bike…with the front panniers on…with all my food, tent, stove, fuel, more water…yeah, this is going to be a little bit brutal…


One thought on “Bike Test #1

  1. Awesome! I loaded my bike up…set off and did the same…wow that’s a steep hill and this is a heavy bike! A month or so after first wobbling off I’m a bit better on the hills! Then you get to blast down the other side! Enjoy your adventures!


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