Standing Rock

standing-rock-photo-post-1474491160-crop_desktopPhoto Credit: Sofia Lee  (original source here)

“Water is life!  Water is Sacred.

Salmon will run, No dam can hold!”

There’s a lot going on right now, going down right now.  For many of us it feels pretty easy to sit back and watch, and then go back to our lives as if it’s just another normal day.  But a good friend of mine, a Native Elder and generally wise person, sees things a little differently…

“If Standing Rock doesn’t succeed, we won’t be around any more”.

Those are some powerful words.  For many Native people Standing Rock is about protecting them selves, their culture and communities, their very existence.  If I stand with my friends protesting something like climate change I’m dimly aware that down the line this might really mean something.  In North Dakota right now Native folks are protecting their very existence.

But let’s play this out a bit… Continue reading