Standing Rock

standing-rock-photo-post-1474491160-crop_desktopPhoto Credit: Sofia Lee  (original source here)

“Water is life!  Water is Sacred.

Salmon will run, No dam can hold!”

There’s a lot going on right now, going down right now.  For many of us it feels pretty easy to sit back and watch, and then go back to our lives as if it’s just another normal day.  But a good friend of mine, a Native Elder and generally wise person, sees things a little differently…

“If Standing Rock doesn’t succeed, we won’t be around any more”.

Those are some powerful words.  For many Native people Standing Rock is about protecting them selves, their culture and communities, their very existence.  If I stand with my friends protesting something like climate change I’m dimly aware that down the line this might really mean something.  In North Dakota right now Native folks are protecting their very existence.

But let’s play this out a bit…if violent private powers continue to win out over the environment that sustains us, win out over the drinking water of millions of people, then where does this go?  Where does it end?  If Standing Rock doesn’t win what chance do any of us have?  And we actually have a lot in our favor on this one, the world is watching, this actually totally might work.

But it’s not going to be easy, it hasn’t been easy.  People are trying to pray, they are praying, and their being attacked by militarized police and private security.

Freedom of religion isn’t quite so free when your being arrested for it.  Think about it.

Also, attack dogs.

Thats’s right, ATTACK DOGS.

Dog’s as weapons, against people, “what the actual fuck” starts to seem like an understatement once they pull out the ATTACK DOGS.

This is so far from “okay” that it’s actually hard to talk about.  So many of us just can’t find the words.  But we have to talk about it.  We can’t sit back and hide behind our privilege, hide behind the idea that “this will never happen to us”.  Think about it, if you don’t take a stand and support Standing Rock, who’s going to have your back when your way becomes an excuse for some one else to bulldoze your world?

First and foremost, go.  Go to Standing Rock.

I know you might think you can’t…but at least imagine what it would take.

Inform your self.  Learn everything you can, ask questions and start conversations and keep leaning in even when it’s uncomfortable.  If you have questions and can’t find answers you can always ask me, comments below keeps the wider conversation going too.

If you can donate money go here :

There are a ton of other ways to donate too, feel free to poke around and see what feels best.

Also, if you want a lot to read, give this a look:

And if you just want to see some pictures maybe go here:

And pray.  How ever you pray.  Get together with friends and pray.  Talk about what’s going on.  Brainstorm ways to support good things.  Find ways to help people in your community so they can go to Standing Rock.

Every little bit counts here, it’s a tipping point, let’s come together and show the world that water and earth are more important than money.

3 thoughts on “Standing Rock

  1. In a rush, links might not work (in which case copy and past them if you can) and I know typos abound, will clean this up later if I get the chance :)

    Felt like the conversation couldn’t wait on this one.


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