Ta Da!


(Big thanks to https://hikeminded.wordpress.com/, for my unexpected Liebster Award and the inspiration to write this piece.  Great blog to, well written and great photos.)

You can imagine my surprise when I recently discovered my blog had won an award…back in July!

It goes like this… Continue reading

The Endless Gear Quest


I’m live chating with an outdoor gear company right now.  I’m looking for a handheld GPS that I can load maps into and charge from a USB port.  I’m not sure if this exists.

They aren’t sure if this exists either…

I’m sitting here sipping Chai and looking forward to the day I can finally push my sailboat back in the ocean and crash along through the waves and get soaked with salt spray.  Once I get there I’ll probably be wet and miserable and ready to do anything for a warm cafe and a cup of Chai.  Such is life though eh?

Turns out it does exist.  Sort of.  For about $400… Continue reading