Another Next Challenge Grant!


As I’ve said here, and here, and here, I continue to be amazed by the growing number of adventure grants, people like adventure and they like other people going on adventures.  Sure, we fund peoples dreams because we benefit from their stories and whatnot…but it’s also just fun!

Giving three dollars and towards someones dream actually feels awesome, even if we never get to hear about it.

And in the world of little adventure grants Tim Moss is really doing something wonderful.  Last year, he and his friends supported…

Nick Stanton – Cycling the Berlin Wall (£65)
Jade Tseng – Pedalling the coast of Belle Ile on a tandem (£90)
Ed March-Shawcross – Scottish triathlon in miniature (£100)
Kerry-Anne Mairs – 5 nights in 5 bothies with a 5 year old (£100)
Kate Symonds-Joy – cycling to the northernmost lighthouse in the UK to perform an opera (£200)
Chase Lewine – Death Valley to Mount Whitney (£200)
Karl Booth – Mountain biking to the top of Europe (£150)
Roger Rayner – Building bamboo bikes with school kids and cycling coast-to-coast (£100)
Thomas Hart – Walking barefoot across South Africa (£200)
Charlie & Sam King – Two brothers cycling across Europe (£200)
Graham Clarke – Paddling the River Shannon on a home-made raft (£100)
Jenny Tough – Running across Kyrgyzstan (£100)
Dylan Haskin – Cycling around Costa Rica on a beach cruiser (£150)
Bex Band – The London Loop on a Scooter (£100)
Amanda McDonnell – Running across the Channel Islands (£100)
Heather Jones – Hike, bike and swim the Welsh Three Peaks (Kibo bike)
Nate Freeman – Walking 50 miles to work (Keen boots)

That’s a lot of awesome!  A lot of dreams!  That’s making a lot of difference in the way we see what is or isn’t possible.  And I just want to highlight that it’s not only the money…Tim and his friends have more adventure experience than I can possibly imagine, and while they are clear that they don’t intend to push advice on anyone they do make themselves available to the grant winners, and that’s priceless.


IF YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE but just don’t quite have the money or don’t know how to go about it, then APPLY NOW!!!  The deadline is FRIDAY!  And honestly why wouldn’t you apply?  It’s fun, and easy, and the more applicants the better.  It shows that these grants are valuable.


IF YOU CAN PART WITH THREE DOLLARS why not chip in?  I did!  You will feel good, someone else will smile, Tim will be happy, life is good.  For many of you $3 is like one beer…or one coffee…seriously…you can live with one less beer for the sake of someones dreams, and the same probably goes for that coffee :)


And, if you do apply, let us know in the comments below.  We’d love to hear what you’re planning, and who knows, we might toss you a couple bucks…