First Video Shoot!


I got to do my first video shoot the other day, and it was a blast!

Frozen hands, napping on the floor, fuck…my shutter speed was at 200! Ahh!

There’s a couple ways I could spin this…I could make it sounds kinda professional or totally half assed, realistically it’s probably a little of each, here’s what happened…

10pm my friend Sean emails me: hey, what’s up…tomorrow. video shoot?
Me: maybe?

By 11:30 Sean has talked me into it, it wasn’t too hard, he says meet at 10am and I talk him back to 11, and I start getting excited, so by midnight Sean is telling me to go to sleep.

Before I pass out though I start charging everything…it’s one of the more important pieces of prep that I’ve come to value, charge everything, you never know what you might need when and there’s nothing less profesional than a shoot on hold because the batteries died.

Things go pretty smoothly, surprisingly smoothly actually. We are winging it but not too bad, I show up with a stack of index cards just in case and within a few minutes we’re laying out shots on the cards and color coding things…Adam on the right…wide then ots…I’ll take this shot Jamie will take that shot…we have two hours before we need to start shooting.

As the day goes on I’m glad I brought snacks, I cat napp on the floor while Sean sews himself into his shirt on purpose (I’m intentionally staying out of the costuming discussions).

I did forget my entire bag of chargers and cords…oops…good thing I charged everything last night!  But I do have a solar panel with an extra charger for my camera batteries so I’m still able to recharge those which is a life saver. I should probably get more batteries too…hmm…

Apparently the hope is a stormy seas look, we’re on the ocean but due to peoples schedules we have to shoot a bunch of stuff in bright sun mid day…which is always shit lighting…and we just do what we can and take what we can get.

Later in the afternoon, as the clouds roll in and the temps drop, we get some beautiful B roll on the beach. My fingers go numb and we’re slipping precariously around on slimy rocks and seaweed but the shots are feeling great. I get a few longer ones in too, and the process of walking/moving while shooting is feeling more comfortable.

At the end of the day, walking back to the house we’re using to stage all this, I shoot some wacky video of Sean and Jamie as they sing and walk, guitars in hand. It’s a blast, and I’m looking forward to more…

I hand over the SD cards I’ve shot and the conversation turns to food, we’re dead tired, totally indecisive, I end up driving home and eating a pound of pasta. Day well spent.

*This was just last week, so we’re pretty far from a final edit. Once Sean and Jamie release their video I’ll post it here along with some of my other shots from that day.

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