Boat Things


The wind had died on us.  We were creeping along in my little sailboat going so slowly that is was more of a floating nap than it was sailing.  And the sun was just so…peeping through a grommet in the sail and blinding me in the eye and random intervals…the boat tipped back and forth gently, the water lapped against the sides…and IT WAS AWESOME!

That was last summer…and I’ve been going increasingly nuts all winter as I wait to get back on the water.  I’ve gone to the library and check out as many boat books as I can carry…The Resoration Handbook, Stitch-and-Glue Boatbuilding, Self-Steering for Sailing Craft, Ian Oughtred A Life In Wooden Boats.  I’m starting to suspect that my friends are truly sick and tired of hearing me go on about this stuff…and wanting me to get out on the water almost as bad as I do, even if just to get rid of me for a bit…it’s getting rather dire…

And yet there’s kind of a ton of work to do.  I have to fix the trailer wheel that didn’t break because it will soon, I have to rework the rigging for the sheet (who knew blocks could be so expensive?), I need to replace the wooden forward hatch with a watertight deck plate and then seal the top side of the front bulkhead…I’m considering building a second bulkhead at the back…I need some longer anchor line…and then of course various painting and varnishing all over the place.

It’s a lot.

I’ve already had some successes though.  I sorted out my GPS issues by getting a rugged tablet for a fraction of the cost of a real chart plotter.  It has it’s downsides but also it’s up sides and the price couldn’t be beat.

I also have like…one and a half anchors.  Long story, but stoked about it, and finally figured out the eye splice so that’s awesome.

Then there’s little things…a compass, fenders, charts, waterproof handheld VHF…

I also need different oar locks.  Maybe different oars too?  I don’t know…my brain starts to shut down about here…and then I think back to the mounts for the oarlocks slowly prying themselves loose as we rowed back towards the harbor…

Okay.  Definitely need new oar locks.

There’s an endless struggle here…do I half ass it or take my time and do it right?  Do I go for it as best I can or do meticulous research or find someone to help me?

The bottom line is, I want to sail.  I don’t have this boat just to work on it…and then again if I do this right it’s going to save me years of hassle.  I know.  It’s worth it.  Do it right the first time…

But seriously, one of these days, I just going to go…can’t wait around for ever here!

It’s expensive, it’s hard, it’s slow, the more I learn the more I have to do and the harder it gets…and then, eventually, it’s over and the wind picks up and whistles through the rigging, through my hair, the salt spray cakes my arms, the gulls call back and forth…and I’m skimming across the waves and it’s all so so worth it…

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