Spirituality, Ancestry, and Backpacking


My thoughts on some big topics…

Spirituality in the outdoor community is pretty diverse, some folks put their earbuds in and crank out the miles and bag the peaks while other folks start their day with yoga and keep stopping to commune with nature… Continue reading

Being Alone in Nature

It can be harder to get away from people then you might think…National Parks full of tourists, cliffs covered in climbers, even wilderness can get filled with backpackers…so here are a few suggestions for your next adventure away from people!

IMG_0949 1: Get as far as you can!  If you’re going for a hike, get past the “popular” hikes and the people will vanish.  Try that climb way down at the far end of the cliff, or hike past the first vista, or past the peak.  Backpack beyond the lake everyone’s talking about and you’ll be truly alone.  In addition to beating the crowds you’ll have done something even more awesome then they did, so go you! Continue reading