Scotland 2016


Backpacking Scotland, Summer 2016

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The Plan: This summer I’m throwing a change of cloths and my camera in a backpacking and heading to the Scottish Highlands.  And that’s that.

Actually no…I probably wont have a full change of cloths…and I will have a tent, and a stove, and some other shit…but point is I’ll basically be alone in the mountains…with a really heavy backpack.


Of course when I say “plan” I’m fully aware that the plan is never what actually happens…but it seems worth having a plan all the same.

I’ll be taking a bunch of pictures though, and some video as well, and writing too…and some of that will end up here!  Yay!  And then you can read it or look at it or watch it or whatever.  One of the things I’m not packing though is the internet, so who knows how often I’ll be able to post stuff on here…actually you will know but only after the fact :)

Backstory: I first traveled to Scotland in 2008, for just over a week, and I liked it so much that two friends and I went back for three months in 2012…hands down my biggest most epic adventure to date.  Now…I’m heading back again, for round three, for four months, because apparently I just can’t get enough of it.

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