Scotland Planning, Episode 4



I’ll be in Scotland a month from now (you can read more about my plans here, and here, and here), flights are bought, plans are made (sort of), and now it’s time to start test everything out…mostly because playing with gear is more fun then other stuff like laundry or cleaning my room.

Any way I’m in my tent right now, heroically pitched in the back yard so as to be withing wifi range.   Continue reading

Quick question regarding my blog…

Just a quick note…things felt to cluttered with all these full posts on my home page.  Granted I’m no blogging expert, but I figured only showing partial posts might make things easier to navigate.

The question is: is it better?  Is there some other way of laying things out/customizing that would be more enjoyable to read?

I’ve looked over a bunch of your blogs (you being the folks following mine) and they are quite nice.  I’d be happy to hear your suggestions!

Sorry to drop such a ‘behind the scenes” kind of post here.  Hoping my readers might have some useful thoughts :)

Any comments or messages are much appreciated!  Cheers, Simon


How I got a blog

Until recently I avoided blogs…out of date, poorly written, overly egotistical.  I never imagined that I would ever want one, for any reason.  Then Alastair Humphreys really turned me around.  His blog is fantastic; it’s up to date, interesting, and not an all out ego-fest.

Next I came across Tegan Phillips.  Her blog (Unclipped Adventure) is all done in hand drawn cartoons and they are wonderfully funny and refreshingly honest.  Tegan is currently biking in Africa with her family, which is amazing, and you should totally check it out here.

Okay, so maybe blogs can be a really cool way of sharing adventures.  I know Tegan and Alastair inspired me, and maybe my adventures will inspire other people…who knows.

Well…here I am, making a blog.  Will it be out of date?  Will it be boring?  Will it be horribly written and generally terrible?  Time will tell!