Hobkey Adventure Grant


Apply right here right now!

I tell ya, something is happening right now because these adventure grants are popping up like dandelions…
a wild exaggeration of course but one blew my mind and the Hobkey Adventure Grant is like number three or something.


THE DEAL: This one is all about paddling.  Any one, any where.  There are no tricky rules except that…

THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW, MAY 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…so be sure to apply asap, like right now, right here, seriously!

Again, why not?  You have absolutely nothing to loose.  And the more people apply the more momentum these grants get, and the more common they will become.

Now…I only just discovered this…and I already applied.  I have an idea for a canoe trip, and it’s pretty far out.  I probably can’t pull it together for at least a year.  It might be a little insane, or a little impossible, but applying for a grant makes it a little more real too.  It forces me to really think hard about what I want to do.  Sometimes I feel silly applying for these things, but I just can’t find a reason not to.

These grants are also a good reason to have a list of potential adventures in the back of your mind.  Who knows, maybe someday you’ll win a grant to help make one of your adventures a reality!


Flashback, Scotland 2012


In a week I’ll be hopping on a plane and flying to Scotland…so it’s only fitting to go back a few years to my last big Scotland trip.  In 2012 my brother Ursa, our friend Ethan, and I went on what will no doubt be one of the most memorable adventures of our lives.

We arrived in Scotland and embarked on a truly epic journey, hiking from Glasgow to Inverness (more or less), hitchhiking to Orkney, Couchsurfing, winding our way out to the Outer Hebrides, poking around Skye and the Cuillin, and then wandering South towards Oban.

We didn’t really know what we where getting into, it was often stressful, we ran out of food and fuel and got cold and wet and grumpy and ate lots of doughnuts.  We also camped next to ancient standing stones, swam in freezing burns, made mini sailboats from beach trash and climbed mountains and forded rivers.  We took photos and kept a group journal and read the Borune Identity out loud in our tent, cringing awkwardly at the cheesy “romantic” bits.

We ate a lot of couscous, saw a lot of sheep, and quoted youtube videos.

It’s going to be weird this summer, doing a trip that’s so similar but so different.  I’ll be on my own, and I’ve also changed in the last four years.  It will be interesting to see what it’s like, what’s the same and what’s different.

How ever it goes, I’m certainly going to miss my crazy travel companions…